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TURN-KEY | San Francisco, CA

This attractive and profitable restaurant business has been made into a truly turnkey operation with a great team in place that has been running the business effectively for the last two years without the original owners’ involvement.​ The brand has a strong three decade history.​
This business is thriving in the post-2020 environment, due to the adjustments made during the initial pandemic lockdown period, and is experiencing a best ever year.​

Ideal for an experienced restaurant owner-operator, or a multi-location restaurant business that is looking for a high performing additional location without the hassles and risks of hiring and ramping up from scratch!

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Detailed Information

•The Restaurant is a well known and highly frequented hospitality venue with long standing name brand recognition.
•The business enjoys a reputation in the industry for authentic, original recipes, and great food and service.
•Strong primary tier kitchen staff and front of house staff.
•The venue has an attractive amount of outdoor seating in the rear patio area, which has long been a favorite of both locals and tourists.
•During the 2020 pandemic the venue also installed a high quality, permitted, “parklet” to extend the outdoor seating capacity.
•The original owners plan to fully retire (have been mostly retired for years).

TRATTORIA 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 - 1H
Adjusted EBITDA: $237,104 $184,885 $414,346 ($8,437) $345,630


The business is organized around serving several specific markets:

  • Local residents

  • Day trippers from across the Northern California region

  • Tourist visitors from outside of the region

    This strategy has led to the focus on authentic recipes with affordable food prices and a memorable and enjoyable atmosphere that keeps tourists coming back as well as making it the weekly go-to favorite of many local residents.
people dining

Financial Overview

The Restaurant: The business showed a steady annual increase in Revenues prior to COVID-19, with a 3 Year Average Adjusted EBITDA Margin of 13.5%. As the 2021 1st Half financials show the business has come out of the pandemic stronger than ever before with higher Revenues and much higher Adjusted EBITDA.

Trattoria (‘000s) 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021-1H
Revenue $1,952.3 $2,047.5 $2,187.3 $1,514.7 $1,172.9
Net Profit 279.2 244.3 484.8 37.1 348.4
Interest, Tax, Deprec, Amort. 2.7 4.8 7.2 6.0 3.3
EBITDA 281.9 249.1 492.0 43.1 351.7
Adjustments (44.8) (64.2) (77.7) (51.5) (6.0)
Adjusted EBITDA $237.1 $184.9 $414.3 ($8.4) $345.6

* Additional information regarding the financials and adjustments is available in the Exhibits

Revenues by Source 2017 – 2021 1H

The Restaurant has consistently ensured a strong diversity of revenue split between food and drink, and even maintained an attractive split during 2020 and 2021 with the pandemic’s restrictions on indoor dining.



  • Effective Core team
    The Restaurant has a self-sufficient Back-of- House team that has worked for a couple of years without the daily oversight of the Owner, in preparation for his retirement.

  • Experienced staff
    The staff are highly experienced, highly trained, and competent in all aspects of Front-of-House and Back-of-House functions.

  • Low turnover and ongoing training Management has minimized employee turnover by carefully screening candidates prior to hiring, and offering ongoing training programs.

  • Competitive wages
    Management believes that wages are competitive with other comparable employment opportunities in the industry.

Competitive Advantage

  • Reputation and Customer Experience
  • Fun, busy, relaxed atmosphere/ambience
  • Affordable enough for regular dining
  • Great and diverse wine selection
  • Perfect for special occasions and splurges
  • High Quality ingredients
  • Authentic recipes and cooking techniques
  • Freshly made
  • Meats and Fish dishes you crave

Compelling Investment Opportunity

  • Premier Reputation and Brand Value
  • Strong Track Record of Profitability
  • Attractive Business Model
  • Diverse and Loyal Customer Base
  • Proven Location
  • Deeply Experienced Staff
  • Compelling Opportunities for Growth
ingredients of success

Reataurant Opportunity

TURN-KEY | San Francisco, CA
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